Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services

Dial 911 for EMS services 24 hours a day

The Sheffield Village Fire Department provides a Paramedic level rescue squad service to all of the residents and visitors to Sheffield Village. The Fire Department operates two fully equipped rescue squads to provide on scene treatment and transportation to local emergency rooms.  

The rescue squads are part of the Fire Department and are staffed by personnel at the station 24 hours a day. In the event of multiple victims and or calls we participate in a mutual aid program with the rest of the Fire Departments in Lorain County. Every effort has been made to assure timely and professional medical services under any circumstance.

The majority of our emergency responses involve us providing emergency medical service at the paramedic level in Sheffield Village. Our ability to immediately respond to medical problems helps to provide as positive of an outcome as possible to an emergency medical situation.   

A recent improvement in our ability to provide cardiac care involves us to be able to obtain a 12-lead electric cardiogram in the field, transmit the information to the hospital, then when appropriate immediately move the victim to a heart catherization lab for immediate intervention, thus minimizing the damage from a heart attack.  

The Sheffield Village Fire Department currently responds with at least 3 firefighter/paramedics on each request for assistance, exceeding minimum standards of care in the pre-hospital setting.  This practice assures that emergency medicine is delivered in a quick and efficient manner to provide for as positive of an outcome as possible for the victim of the emergency.  

Of the 19 Fire Department employees, all of them are certified as Firefighters/Paramedics to help us attain our high standard of care.  We pride ourselves with holding dual certifications allowing us to serve as firefighters and paramedics to provide Sheffield Village with efficient and effective emergency services. 

We provide emergency transportation to the following hospital emergency rooms: Cleveland Clinic Avon, Mercy Health in Lorain, University Hospitals Elyria, and University Hospitals St. John Medical Center in Westlake. We will also consider transporting to other area hospital depending on the nature of the call.

It will take a firefighter 1½ years to be trained and certified as a paramedic in the State of Ohio. Once certified that firefighter must constantly obtain continuing education to maintain the State of Ohio Certification.

Emergency Notifications

Sheffield Village uses the free service (WENS) provided by Lorain County and your local jurisdiction; however, normal messaging fees may apply.

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  • Notifications are dependent upon external providers (phone carrier, cell phone, email).
  • Lorain County cannot guarantee notifications will be received by the intended recipient.

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