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Why does the fire truck respond to medical emergency requests?

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the American Heart Association (AHA) recommend that there by at least four (4) Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) respond to a medical emergency.  At least two (2) of those EMT's should ne paramedics.  In an effort to provide this nationally recognized standard of care to our residents those additional EMT's are assigned to the fire apparatus that respond with the medic unit.

An important time during a medical emergency is the time frame from the arrival at the scene by EMT's until the victim is assessed, treated, stabilized, and readied for transportation to a hospital.  This is the most labor intensive time of the medical emergency as multiple tasks need to be performed simultaneously to help assure a positive outcome for the victim.  Having a sufficient number of personnel working together helps to assure that a victim's delivery to a hospital and appropriate higher levels of care is not delayed.

The SVFD  assesses how many EMT's will be required to transport the victim to a hospital depending on many medical factors.  If additional personnel are required to facilitate the transport to the hospital. personnel from the fire truck will provide that needed manpower immediately, again avoiding delays in transportation.

When a crisis is occurring such as a medical emergency, not only is there a victim, there are often family members or friends involved.  It is the goal of the SVFD to see that their needs are met during the medical emergency.  EMTs are often very busy working with the victim; the personnel from the fire truck often assist those family members and friends.

Once the medic unit leaves the scene for a hospital and the scene has been stabilized, the personnel in the fire truck are immediately availab

How many firefighters are at the fire station?

There are five (5) firefighters scheduled to work each day at the fire station.  Of those five (5), three (3) must be paramedics by policy.  The greatest majority of the time, there are five (5) firefighter/paramedics on duty.

What is the firefighters work schedule?

There are three shifts of firefighters in Sheffield Village.  Each shift will work for 24 hours, and then be off for 48 hours,  Firefighters that are off duty are subject to emergency call back situations during that 48 hour time off period.  The average work week for a firefighter in Sheffield Village is 53 hours per week.

Why don't firefighters work a 40- hour work week like everyone else?

The number of hours of work per week required to provide fire, rescue, and EMS protection in Sheffield Village 24 hours per day and 365 days per year would make a traditional 40 hour work week cost prohibitive.  Nearly every fire department in the United States works this schedule of firefighters working 24 hour rotating shifts. 

What functions do the different types of SVFD fire apparatus perform?

A Medic Unit (Ambulance) is responsible for treating and transporting sick and injured people to the hospital.  The Medic Unit carries Advanced Life Support equipment and is staffed by two firefighters/paramedics.  Some of the equipment includes a heart defibrillator, pacemaker, 12 lead heart tracing (that can be transmitted to a hospital before we deliver the victim to the emergency room), medications, oxygen, airway equipment, and trauma equipment.  The SVFD has three medic units; one purchased each in 1995, 2003, and 2006.

AN Engine Company (Pumper) is responsible for extinguishing fires.  The SVFD has two engine companies one purchased in 1983 and the other purchased in 2007.  Each engine carries fire house for supplying water to the engines and fire hose to deliver that water to the fire.  The 1983 engine carries 750 gallons of water and can pump 1,250 gallons of water per minute.  The 2007 engine carries 1,000 gallons of water and can pump 1,500 gallons of water per minute.  One engine company is staffed with three firefighters each day.

A Ladder Company (Tower) is responsible for gaining access to vehicles and buildings (forcible entry) and ventilating a structure of super-heated toxic gasses so firefighters may more safely and efficiently operate within a burning structure.  The tower carries many tools to accomplish these tasks including the "jaws of life".  The SVFD has one tower ladder, it was purchased in 2001.  The ladder has an 85' ladder with a rescue basket, carries firefighting hose(much less than an engine company), 500 gallons of water, and can pump 2,000 gallons of water per minute.  The SVFD tower ladder is staffed with two firefighters each day.

Why do you break windows and cut holes in the roof?

As a fire burns, it generally moves upward and then outward.  Removing windows and cutting holes in the roof (ventilation) stops that damaging outward movement and enables firefighters to work more efficiently, resulting in less damage in the long run.

Why do you open walls and ceilings in the building?

We must make absolutely sure that all of the fire is put out.  Many times fire travels into concealed spaces covered by walls and ceilings.  Insulation many times has to be removed to expose these hidden fires after the main body of fire is extinguished.

Does the SVFD respond to emergencies outside of Sheffield Village?

The SVFD participates in a Lorain County Mutual Aid Agreements as well as the State of Ohio's Emergency Response Plan.  These agreements are beneficial to all of the parties that participate in them.  We will respond to  help others and in return they will respond to help us when assistance is needed.  When we do respond to other communities, we utilize off duty personnel to provide the required protection for Sheffield Village.

What hospitals do the SVFD Medic Units transport victims to?

It is our goal to provide transportation to the hospital of choice of the victim.  That being said we have listed some factors that may not make that original victim request for a preferred hospital possible

  • A victim current medical condition
  • A medical control physicians orders
  • Hospitals diversion status at the time of the call
  • Medical equipment that may be out of service at a hospital
  • An incident with multiple victims
  • Current weather and/or road conditions

Does Sheffield Village charge a fee for EMS services?

Yes. On May 28, 2002 the Sheffield Village Council enacted Ordinance Number 1869.  "An ordinance authorizing the Mayor and Fire Chief to enter into a contract on behalf of the Village of Sheffield, Ohio, for billing services which will bill and collect for use of the Village of Sheffield's EMS services." 

Section 1 of Ordinance 1869 stipulates that no Sheffield Village resident shall be responsible for out of pocket expenses from utilization of EMS services.  Non-residents who utilize SVFD EMS services are responsible for the entire cost of those services.

Who should I call with EMS billing questions?

You should first contact our billing company: Medicount Management, 1-800-962-1484.

If for any reason you require further assistance, please contact SVFD at 440-949-6032 or the Sheffield Village Hall at 440-923-1453.

Why didn't the firefighters run when I called them?

The thought process during any response is very complex and different each time.  SVFD personnel are required to move deliberately and with purpose toward an emergency.  They are also trained not to approach any scene in an out of control or reckless manner.  They are required to survey each scene for the safety of victims, by-standers and themselves.

It is vital that responders remain calm and in control to help assure that an emergency has a positive outcome.  A responder that may respond in an excited and out of control manner may themselves become a medical emergency do to a careless assessment of a scene or from a fall.  If that occurs they become useless in dealing with the original call for assistance, in fact they complicate the situations.

Please never mistake that on the scene demeanor of SVFD personnel for not caring about what is occurring.

The exact opposite is the fact; we strive to perform professionally and under control in every situation to help facilitate a positive outcome.

Do SVFD firefighters get cats out of trees?

It is the policy of the SVFD to respond appropriately to every request for assistance.  We will respond and evaluate any situation, including a cat in a tree.  If we can assist within our safety guidelines we will.  By the way experience has shown that is you leave them alone they will usually come down themselves.

Can I use a store-bought outdoor fireplace in my yard?

Yes, just ensure you use clean wood as fuel.  Do not use pressure treated lumber, plastics, or trash because the products of combustions may be carcinogenic.  Be mindful of the wind direction.  The smoke may irritate your neighbors.

Where can I take old filled paint cans, oil, gasoline, etc. for disposal?

The SVFD does not accept hazardous waste such as these items.  However, you can contact Lorain County Solid Waste Management for information about proper disposal sites. 1-800-449-5463.

How is emergency response communications facilitated at the SVFD?

The Lorain County 911 Communications Center is the central answering point in Lorain County for each 911 call in the county.  They receive the emergency call and then route the information to the appropriate department(s) for a response.  Some departments take the information and utilize local personnel to perform emergency communications for the emergency response. 

Some departments utilize the Lorain County 911 Center to perform those same emergency communications throughout an emergency response.  The Lorain County 911 Communications Center is funded by a county wide property tax, and telephone fees reflected on your monthly telephone bill.

On February 1, 2007 the Sheffield Village Fire Department (SVFD) phased in an operational change in dispatch procedures.  We have joined many other Lorain County Fire Departments in having the Lorain County 911 Center maintain emergency communications throughout the entire emergency response.

The SVFD maintains its existing communications center at the fire station for redundancy considerations within our operation.

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