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Sheffield Village Fire Prevention

Call 911 for emergency fire assistance, 24 hours a day

The Sheffield Village Fire Department provides fire prevention and safety services to all occupancies in Sheffield Village. Our department has 12 Ohio Certified Fire Safety Inspectors.  Our goal is to visit each occupancy at least once a year to ensure compliance with fire safety requirements and the Ohio Fire Code.   

When feasible, we try to conduct fire company inspections which allow on duty fire crews to accompany a fire safety inspector during the fire inspection.  This allows our firefighters to become familiar with the many businesses and other establishments in our community.  From these inspections we develop planning information (pre-plans) in case of an emergency at the building.  Fire inspectors review all proposed building plans and are actively in the process of working toward approval of plans. 

Many years ago we adopted the KNOX-BOX® Rapid Entry System which provides to the owners and managers of commercial and public occupancies a non-destructive emergency access to their buildings and facilities.  In the past we recommended to owners of commercial and public buildings that installing a KNOX-BOX® provides our department with a means of rapid entry to their property.   The newly revised Ohio Fire Code now requires that owners of any new commercial construction must install a KNOX-BOX® type system.  

The system is available for residential use also.  If you are interested, call us at (440) 949-6032 for more information or stop by the fire station to pick up the forms required to submit and purchase your KNOX-BOX®.   Please note the cost of installing the box will be incurred by the property owner. 

Our fire safety inspectors will gladly visit your home and provide a fire safety inspection.  This is strictly a courtesy for our residents, as we have no enforcement rights in one- or two-family dwellings. We will review basic fire prevention practices and offer suggestions to make your home more fire safe, plus review a fire escape plan in the event of an emergency at your home.

The concept behind fire prevention is very simple; we are mainly concerned with occupants of a structure safely evacuating the structure in the event of emergency and minimizing property damage. Next, we are concerned with doing all we can to eliminate the start and spread of fire. Finally, the more we know about your building before an emergency, the better we will be at abating that emergency.

We often have free smoke detectors and replacement batteries available at the fire station for those residents who can not afford to purchase them.  

  • Please give a call if you need one to ensure we have them available. You do need to show proof of residence to receive them. We will install new detectors and replace the batteries in detectors in your home if you are unable to do it yourself. We however cannot be responsible for any damage that may occur in the process of these installations and or battery replacements.

CPR Classes

Contact Firefighter Chris Emling at 440.949.6032 for more information and to enroll in this life-saving training! 

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